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15 Colors That Go With White


Colors that go with white brighten any interior space and create a cohesive and layered look. White provides a neutral background, highlighting other colors in a color palette. Vibrant shades of blue, purple, silver, red, and yellow stand out in white rooms.

15 Colors That Go With White

In additive color mixing, white is the combination of all colors. White often symbolizes perfection, cleanliness, and simplicity.

1. White and Black

White and Black

Black is considered the opposite color of white. Pairing them results in a high-contrast, striking color scheme. Most designers use black and white pairings for a minimalist contemporary look.

Studio Autori used black to add color to this all-white kitchen design while maintaining the minimalist look. Adding jewel tones to the palette can also achieve the Art Deco style. Consider deep red, blue, green, purple, pink, and yellow accent colors for black and white color schemes.

2. White and Sky Blue

White and Sky Blue
Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.

The color sky blue resembles a clear, sunny day, which evokes a sense of calm and tranquility in interior spaces. The upper cabinetry in this kitchen, designed by Wellborn Cabinet, creates a distinct two-tone color scheme.

The cabinets draw the eye upward and make a focal point in the kitchen. Combining sky blue and white contributes to the light and airy atmosphere. Consider this pairing for spaces requiring calm and stillness, such as bedrooms and office spaces.

3. White and Brown

White and Brown
Spotless Group

The earthy tones of brown create a sense of grounding and comfort. Since both are neutral colors, white and brown blend well in various design styles and aesthetics. This color combination can work whether your bedroom has a modern, rustic, or traditional theme.

4. White and Olive Green

White and Olive Green
Cathie Hong Interiors

Olive green elements make a strong visual statement in white interiors. Cathie Hong Interiors flipped this kitchen from bland white to a mid-century modern design using olive green upper cabinets. The wooden floor, bar stools, and potted plants create a natural and earthy aesthetic.

5. White and Gray

White and Gray
DANIELLE Interior Design & Decor

Gray is the color of neutrality and balance. Its subtle and refined nature can add a touch of class to any interior design. Danielle Interiors opted for a warm gray shade to brighten the space and add warmth to the white appliances. Champagne gold cabinet hardware elevates the gray tones and gives the kitchen a modern appeal.

6. White and Purple

White and Purple

Purple sparks imagination and creativity and evokes a sense of grandeur in a room. Here, Mark Cunningham Inc. used a large purple photograph as a statement piece, adding energy to the neutral space. The vibrant color attracts the viewer’s gaze and becomes the center of attention.

7. White and Silver

White and Silver
Michael Abrams Interiors

Decorating using a few shiny silver accents adds a touch of glamor and sparkle to your space. The best part of this color combination is that finding decor and silver accent pieces is easy.

White and gray wall colors go with silver, providing a neutral backdrop for the elements to stand out. For this design, Michael Abrams chose to accentuate the pearl gray walls using a silver-framed mirror and light fixtures.

8. White and Red

White and Red
Kristen Luhring of Arie + Co.

White walls are a blank canvas in this eclectic bedroom, allowing the designer to get creative with various shades of red.

By incorporating red through bedding, drapery, and textiles, you can achieve a bold look without painting the entire room red. The pink patterned rug complements the color palette and gives the bedroom a boho eclectic vibe.

9. White, Green, and Yellow

White, Green, and Yellow
Nastasja on Pinterest

Yellow packs much vibrancy and energy, giving this living room a cheerful and inviting feel. Potted plants serve as living decor, which brings life and freshness to the space. White balances the color scheme and helps highlight the intricate details of the foliage.

White is standard in most nature-inspired designs. It conveys simplicity, which aligns with the natural world.

10. White and Orange

White and Orange
Susan Gilmore Photography

In this pairing, the key is to balance the two colors. This living room by Dezaar Interiors features white as the dominant hue. White grounds the space and prevents it from becoming overwhelming.

Meanwhile, orange chairs infuse the room with enthusiasm and warmth. Black leather seats tone down the bright colors and bring a sense of elegance and formality.

11. White and Navy

White and Navy
Studio Dearborn

While this combination is often associated with beach-inspired themes, white and navy work equally well in other interior design styles. Navy blue contrasts with crisp white and conveys a sense of intimacy and calm.

For a luxurious finish, consider warm metallic accents like gold, copper, brass, and bronze. Studio Dearborn chose brushed brass hardware and pendant lights to complete the radiant look.

12. White and Beige

White and Beige
Drewett Works

This master bathroom by C.P. Drewett epitomizes modernity with a freestanding bathtub, a floating vanity, and a great exterior view. The warm white light bulbs make beige appear more intense, screaming elegance and class.

Beige and white color pairings are a big part of minimalism in interior designs. Beige offsets the cold, clinical feel of crisp white walls, giving the home a cozy and organic feel.

13. White and Pine Green

White and Pine Green
Summer Thornton Design, Inc

Pine green falls between cool pale greens and rich forest greens. It oozes timeless and subtle elegance and becomes more vibrant when paired with bright white and rosy pink. Add pine green via small touches in tiny spaces, like in this home office by Summer Thornton.

14. White and Lilac

White and Lilac
Dianne Decor

Like white, lilac is bright, pure, and sometimes considered feminine. Lilac works well with white for nurseries and relaxation areas such as bedrooms and bathrooms. The vibrant pairing can also create a crisp, clean interior, as in The Mikado Suite at Grand Hotel, Oslo.

15. White and Cream

White and Cream
Terra | The Savvy Heart

Cream works well with warm, white shades, creating a luxurious yet cozy space. Layer the room in shades of cream and white on the walls, carpet, and decor to keep the design interesting. Add natural fibers like jute, sisal, linen, and silk to the monochromatic pairing for a calming effect.



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